Dani and Mia, a young couple from Madrid, travel to Ibiza with a view to acquiring a property in the countryside. Very soon, they will be trapped in a bloody spiral of violence whose origin is an unspeakable episode that happened thirty-five years ago.

North of Ibiza, 1948. A peasant family lives on a remote farm known as Can Xuruiana. Xicu and Vicenta, the teenage children fruit of the marriage between Mariano and Josefa, have an incestuous relationship. It's not something new in a family that has reproduced North of Ibiza, 1948. A peasant family lives on a remote farm known as Can Xuruiana. Xicu and Vicenta, the teenage children fruit of the marriage between Mariano and Josefa, have an incestuous relationship. It's not something new in a family that has reproduced through inbreeding for several generations.

This fact has caused the members of the Xuruiana family to suffer slight physical and psychic anomalies. Twenty-six years later, in 1974, the farm is inhabited by Xicu and Vicenta, now middle-aged, and their two kids, Verru and Massiana.


One day, Will, a young American hippie, shows up in the l ands of the Xuruianas. He's's drunk and disoriented. Will runs into Vicenta and the encounter ends sexually. Vicenta becomes pregnant.

1984. Eleven hooded men, led by Father Torres, assault the house of the Xuruianas. Vicenta is burned at the stake in a kind of a ritual. Xicu is forced to witness the death of Vicenta. He can’t stand it and jumps into the flames in a fit of despair. The three children of Vicenta and Xicu save their lives in extremis.

2019. Mia and Dani are a young couple from Madrid who are going through a very complicated moment in their relationship. Even so, Mia accompanies Dani on a short trip to Ibiza.


The objective is to visit a rural property that is for sale. Coco, a friend of Dani, picks them up at the airport and takes them to see the estate, which is made up of a country house and a huge expanse of farmland.

After a series of unfortunate events, Mia and Dani decide to spend the night in the house they intend to acquire, whose walls were a silent witness to the macabre events of 1984.

During the night, two assailants access the house and violently attack Mia and Dani. Mia flees running for help. It starts a survival race, a bloody and relentless struggle in which nothing is what it seems. Although they don’t know it, past and present will melt in a tragic and irremissible way until reaching the painful truth.



Fernando Esteso is Father Torres (65). He's an old-fashioned priest from mainland Spain. Severe, authoritarian, full of malice and ill will. He is prepared to suppress the blasphemy and heresy from the town.

Father Torres
Fernando Esteso

Enrique Villén is Doctor Vidal (50), the doctor of the town. He’s from mainland Spain, just like Father Torres. They both form a fearsome duo that watches over the interests of the Catholic Church. Professional and not very smiley, Doctor Vidal is a key character in this story.

Doctor Vidal
Enrique Villén

El Langui is Verru (49). Owner of the house that Dani and Mia are intending to acquire. He’s a real country man, peasant and farmer. Verru is crude and quite nasty. He suffers from a moderate mental impairment.

El Langui

Cristina Fungueiriño is Pita (15), the daughter of Verru. Her little body hides a wild beast with only a few traces of humanity. Her unique purpose on life is attacking visitors.

Cristina Fungueiriño

Julio Alcántara is Dani, the 42 year-old self-made successful publicist who lives in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Spanish capital. His gentleman manners and his apparent selfconfidence conceal, in part, his abundant insecurities. Addicted to work, and somewhat opportunist, his goal, almost obsession, in the short term is to save his marriage.

Julio Alcántara

Ana Vide plays the role of Mia, the prestigious 32 year-old Ana Vide plays the role of Mia, the prestigious 32 year-old madrilenian fashion designer. Mia comes from a wealthy family, so she’s accustomed to luxury. She is married to Dani, whom she’s intending to divorce. Mia has a quite despotic personality, not being very eager to humor, unless it’s sarcastic. But underneath all this armor there’s a good heart.

Ana Vide

Pep Noguera is Mariano (51), a peasant who lives in the heart of rural Ibiza. Patriarch of the Xuruiana family, Mariano is married to Josepa (48). He is the father of Xicu and Vicenta and, therefore, the grandfather of Verru. He appears in the episode of 1948, just when we discover the most ignominious aspects of this peculiar family.

Pep Noguera

Borja Tous is Coco (42), a lawyer from Ibiza. Great friend of Dani, with whom he coincided at the university. He has his office in the center of Ibiza City. Coco helps Dani and Mia to find a countryside house. He has a great sense of humor and always tries to soften the tension between Dani and Mia. Coco is a kind of ‘bon vivant’ with a dark side.

Borja Tous

Àngels Martínez plays the Tall Woman (46), an affable, attentive and affectionate housewife. She appears at the climax of the film to lend a hand to one of the main characters. She could hide some secrets.

The tall woman
Àngels Martínez

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INCESTUM: Love doesn't care about genes.


The Director

Héctor Escandell (1978) is an award-winning filmmaker based in Ibiza. His short films "No Life", "One Night at the Angel's Lair" and "The Crimes of All Hallows' Day" have visited festivals such as Cannes, Sitges, Mórbido (Mexico) or Horrorthon (Dublin).

At present, Escandell and his partner Vicente Torres have completed their first feature film, based on the short film "The Crimes of All Hallows' Day", a work that was presented at the Berlinale European Film Market 2017 and has won three awards.


2018 The Crimes of All Hallows' Day (Feature)
2015 One Night at the Angel's Lair (Short)
2014 No Life (Short)
2013 The Crimes of All Hallows' Day (Short)
2012 Vecinas (Short)
2010 Dr. Sí (Short)
2010 El Tercer Ojo (Short)
2004 La pócima del doctor Chang (Short)
2002 Las mujeres de Álex (Short)
2000 La Llamada (Short)


Director of photo
graphy / FX
Christoph Butenschön (Hannover, Germany, 1969) has been working as cinematographer since 1995. He has extensive experience in fiction feature films, commercials, tv series and documentary films. He has also worked in several theaters, creating lighting for shows, and has been a musician for more than 25 years. After filming around the world for two decades, he has established his base in Colonia and Ibiza, with the company C-Rent Rentalservice.
Adrian Cardona, long time collaborator, is known for his work in ”Fist of Jesus”, ”Brutal Relax” and ”Zombieworld”. He has more than one hundred international awards. He is going to be in charge of the ”Incestum” FX.



Miquel Àngel Aguiló was born in Palma de Mallorca. Musical studies in Palma, Barcelona and Holl and with Miriam Rader, G. Motatu, Herre Jan Stegenga, Ad Van Dongen and Marçal Cervera.

Professional Degree Plan 66 and Superior Degree in violoncello. He has been part of various chamber music lineups, both national and international: Nederland Kamer Orquest, Spanish Baroque Orchestra, Baroque Orchestra of the Universit y of Salamanca, Studium Aureum and The Royal Chamber.

He currently works with the Baroque Orchestra of Seville and with Al Ayre Español. With these he has recorded for Radio France, Harmonia Mundi, Prometheus and Ambroisie.


At the same time he is dedicated to composition, focusing on the world of soundtracks. His first works of youth already show an inclination toward descriptive music.

He conducts the composition at the service of each project, without complexes or ties in using any style, either with sonorities close to ancient music or with the most radical vanguards. Without leaving the composition of freestyle, his works range from original soundtracks to music for theatrical shows, large-scale shows, cabaret, multimedia or spots.

In 2009 he participated with the pop group Antonia Font in "Coser i cantar", which was awarded by the Academy of Music as Best Pop Album 2009 and by the Generalitat de Catalunya with the 2009 Music Award.

In 2011 he was nominated for the Premis Escènica for "No te'n riguis de Rambeau", and in 2012 he won the Best Music Award at the same event.

In the year 2018 he composed the music of "Woody and Woody ", an animated short film that was awarded with the Spanish Goya Award 2018.



Pauxa Films is a company founded in 2005, based in Ibiza, dedicated to the development of all kinds of audiovisual projects:

· Documentary Short Films:
-“La Marihuana más cara del mundo” (2009) Director: Pablo Alcántara
-“Margalida Llogat, pionera en la Lluita pels Drets de la Dona” (2011) Director: Pablo Alcántara
-“Memoria del Puerto” (2015) Director: Pablo Alcántara

· Fiction Short Films:
-“Vecinas” (2011) Director: Héctor Escandell
-“The Crimes of All Hallows' Day” (2013) Director: Héctor Escandell & Vicente Torres
-“No life” (2014) Director: Héctor Escandell
-“One Night at the Angel's Lair” Director: Héctor Escandell

· Documentary Feature Films:
-“La Revolució Turística” (2014) Director: Pablo Alcántara y Rafael Alcántara
-“Eivissa Jazz The Experience” (2017) Director: Marco Torres Walker

· Fiction Feature Films:
-“The Crimes of All Hallows' Day” (2017)
Director: Héctor Escandell & Vicente Torres